Kid's Wakesurfers

Wakesurfing is one of the biggest trends on the lake right now. Wakesurfing is incredibly fun, easy to do, and has a new place in the hearts of riders everywhere. Kids are one of the biggest groups of wakesurfing enthusiasts due to the fact that almost every wake is overhead for them.

  • Phase Five 2023 Avenger Wakesurfer

    Phase Five

    Phase Five Avenger Wakesurfer

    Phase 5 Avenger Wake Skim Board We took our best-selling high end wakesurfer that all-stars like Parker Payne ride and put it in a package that offers performance and value for the masses. An all-around performer for skim style riding, the Phase Five…

    MSRP: $455.00
  • Connelly Dash 44" Wakesurfer
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    Connelly Dash 44" Kid's Wakesurfer 2024

    Connelly Dash 44" WakesurferThe Dash is fitted with a full EVA soft top riding surface that is less intimidating for young, smaller riders starting to surf. This small, lightweight surfer is easier for youngsters to get up on and maneuver. The flat, …

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