Women's Wakesurfers

Wakesurfing, similar to wakeboarding, is more of a leisure activity. Wakesurfing takes place behind the boat, but a rope is usually not involved once you've gotten up. Wakesurfers are different from a traditional wakeboard and are usually short in length. We carry some of the most elite brands in wakesurfing with the latest graphics and design.

  • Connelly 2023 AK Women's Wakesurfer Connelly 2023 AK Women's Wakesurfer2


    Connelly AK Women's Wakesurfer 2024

    For the Connelly AK Women's Wakesurfer, Ashley's progressive style demands a shape that is ultra- responsive up and down the wave. Added tail rocker allows lightning quick turns, and a tip-to-tail concave base design combined with a relatively narrow…

  • Ronix 2023 Koal Classic Fish Women's Wakesurf Board


    Ronix Koal Classic Fish Women's Wakesurfer 2024

    A TIMELESS FUNBOARD FOR ALL ABLITIES. A perfect overall fun shape that withstands time in the progression of surfer designs and constructions. The Fish can be loose, breaking free on the top of the lip, yet still responsive for a bottom turn drive th…

    MSRP: KSh105,515.89
  • Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Women’s Skim Board
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    Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 - Skimmer 4'4" Women's Wakesurfer 2024

    Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Women’s Skimmer Surf Board Extra energy from your 360 special Skimmer. Ladies... perfect your ollie and session easier shuvits and 360’s from this deck. This super responsive full carbon exterior with an Italian im…

    MSRP: KSh127,197.54
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